Strategy, on demand

I help you grow, protect your position and refresh your brand. 

All the skills, experience and gravitas of a senior marketing director at a fraction of the cost

Performance, not pain.

You’ve built a thriving business off the back of word-of-mouth and happy customers. But you want more. ‘To make a ding in the universe’, as Steve Jobs put it. To do that you’ll need marketing. 

Where do you start? You could hire a marketing manager, freelancer or agency. But even if you have time to recruit the right person or team, you’re not a marketing expert. You don’t know exactly what you need, let alone how to get it.

If you do have marketing experience, you hardly have time to add it to your daily task list. You’ll be paying for a resource that is set up to fail. 

You need someone with the skills, experience and gravitas to point people in the right direction, linking marketing activity to commercial goals.

Someone who operates at your level. Someone who can take on the day-to-day burden of marketing operations.

You could hire a marketing director, but a good one will want a decent salary, bonus, benefits and possibly equity. There’ll be no money left to do any actual marketing. 

MyMarketingDirector offers all the benefits of a senior marketing director at a fraction of the cost. 

Why me?

Leadership roles in marketing, PR, brand and content have given me a firm understanding of how best to stir the marketing mix. 

I’ve worked for multinational blue-chips and mid-size success stories but my real passion is helping fast growth pioneers. I get a kick from seeing ideas take flight and visions become reality. 

I’ll help you harness art and science; data and creativity. Together we’ll blend it into a potent mix to turbo charge your business.