Founded over a decade ago The Office Group has over 30 buildings across London, Leeds and Bristol. TOG builds flexible, design-led spaces which inspire collaboration between like-minded people and businesses. Members should feel their office is an extension of their brand and the building they work in houses a thriving, fun and happy business community.

Despite their success, it still proves a challenge to sell the buzz and connectivity of co-working when new buildings are empty and quiet. They also wanted to demonstrate their leadership in developing the office space of the future. At the same time, the owners wanted to generate goodwill among the communities they were entering into. They called on Touchpaper to respond to all three issues. 

our approach

We started by running a Messaging and Positioning workshop for TOG’s senior management to understand and develop their story. Touchpaper then went into its lair to cook up some solutions to these business challenges.

The result was TOG Futures. We would give complementary co-working membership for 6 months to a bunch of hand-picked local entrepreneurs and creatives. In return, they would spend part of their time working together on a project that works toward improving and/or enhancing the way we will work together in the future.

The result was a neat answer to all of the issues.

  • We helped fill empty space with the right kind of people to help building managers sell co-working memberships.
  • Futures provided content for local media stories (giving back to the community by offering a leg-up to up-and-coming creatives and entrepreneurs
  • Demonstrated TOG’s leadership in this hot new sector by driving innovation in co-working.



  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Creative platform
  • Project management
  • Copywriting & design
  • PR content
  • Sales support
  • Thought leadership