It’s almost 2019 which means two things. One, we all freak out about what the hell happened to 2018 and, two, a bunch of year-in-review articles take over the LinkedIn timeline.

Not to be outdone, here is Touchpaper’s whistle-stop summary of 2018’s best campaigns. Who thought harder, worked smarter and got better results than the other guy? More important, what can we all learn for our campaigns next year?

Let’s get into it.  

Wistia – One, Ten, One Hundred

One question we get asked more than any other is ‘how much does a video cost?’ It’s a fair question, it’s a good question and it’s bloody difficult to answer.

Like a lot of tough asks sometimes the best way to answer is to show, not tell. That’s the basis of this great content exercise from the nice people at Wistia. They hired a production company to make three videos promoting their new service, each at a very different price point (the titular $1k, $10k, $100k).

They set out to document their experiences and describe in detail what they got for their money. What compromises would be necessary to do it for just a grand? How much better is the production quality when you spend 100 times as much? The result is a series of videos that should be required viewing for all marketers.

What we love: it’s a case study that teaches its audience valuable lessons (while subtly demonstrating Wistia’s creds)

Hubspot – What is Hubspot?

Hubspot already have one of the best content operations in the business. What we like best though is the way they practice what they preach (or ‘eat the dog food’ in Valley-speak). Most marketers cut corners and ignore their own best practice blog posts from time to time – but not these guys.

Take this 2m30 sec intro video, for example. The production quality is fine without being showy, the animation solid rather than special. Where this video shines is in the script. Clear, simple and signposted, it explains in a concise, matter-of-fact way the problem its customers experience and how its service resolves it.

Hubspot is already a leader in B2B marketing. Go to their website for the (free, top quality) content, stay for the (free, top quality) online learning. Before you know it you’ll be singing their praises on your social channels and registering for a product demo. This ad is yet another immaculately conceived, well executed top of funnel lead generator.

What we love: simple and well written, this video never outstays its welcome.  

Memery Crystal – The UK Market for medicinal cannabis

Full disclosure: this is one of ours so you can take this lyrical waxing with a grain of salt if you like. We are genuinely proud of this campaign though, as is the client.

Memery Crystal is a mid-size, full service law firm operating in one of the most sharp-elbowed competitive marketplaces in the world. One of the ways they stand out is by thinking differently and bringing new opportunities to their clients’ attention. They’ve championed the market for medicinal cannabis for some time and 2019 gave them the chance to exploit their early mover status.

First we created a 35 page document ‘The Green Report’ that gave a platform to thought leaders from Memery Crystal and beyond. Then a series of blogs, video interviews and events brought the market opportunity to life. The content has been a valuable awareness tool, cementing Memery Crystal at the heart of this burgeoning industry.

What we love: top tier content that positions the client right where they want to be.

Formica Group – Britain’s toilet preferences

Yup, our pick for PR win of the year is a campaign for, ahem, ‘washroom communications’. Bathroom component manufacturer Formica Group has a niche audience and, let’s face it, a pretty unglamorous product.

So kudos to their comms team for leaving their comfort zone of product communications and aiming higher. By writing a state-of-the-nation report on Britain’s bathroom habits they were able to hit national media (the headlines write themselves…) and raise awareness among a more general business audience.

The PR team pitched and won an exclusive in the Times and continue to seed the content for placed articles some time after the launch. The client’s so happy they’re extending the survey next year to include European markets.

What we love: a ballsy play to extend their reach beyond specialist trade media.